Nissan Juke NISMO to Hit U.S. Dealers in March


Nissan‘s in-house tuning company has touched up the brand’s smallest crossover, and the finished product will be heading to dealerships very soon.

The US-spec Juke NISMO was unveiled today at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show and will feature a engine bumped up to 197-hp (from 188) as well as NISMO-tuned suspension. The NISMO Juke will be available in either front or all-wheel drive and only in three colors: white, black and silver.


The NISMO Juke also gets several exterior modifications which result in 37-percent improvement in downforce. One of the most noticeable changes comes with the lightweight 18-inch wheels. The interior also has a NISMO makeover, featuring sporty, bolstered seating and NISMO badges.

Nissan didn’t mention any price-point for the NISMO Juke yet, but expect more details of the NISMO Juke with the car coming to the US market so soon.

GALLERY: Juke NISMO at 2013 Chicago Auto Show



2013 JUKE NISMO 1.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO 2.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO Wheel.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO black - European photo.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO white - European photo.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO white 4.jpg2013 JUKE NISMO door sill.jpg

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Higheriq says:

Wow, so exciting; white, black, silver…yawn.  Let me guess, no manual transmission with the AWD.  Get with it Nissan.

Nissanrules says:

Hopefully manual wil be available, but I doubt it as the current Juke offers the manual only in FWD version. Automatics and CVTs should never be used with the NISMO badge.

Al Jones says:

looks like a manual in the photos.

Da Hunnie Buns says:

man they needed to put a vq or a turbo in this 200hp aint cutting it for a nismo spec car…