Social Media Award Winners Announced at NADA

More and more car buyers are turning to social media to get the information they need, so at the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) convention in Orlando, the best marketers on the social web were recognized and awarded.

Digital Air Strike, an automotive social media and online presence announced the winners of the first social media and reputation awards. “We are thrilled to recognize these best-in-class social marketers as they continue to innovate on both social media and review sites,” said Alexi Venneri of Digital Air Strike. “New digital marketing trends like Facebook Graph make it even more important to have a strong online presence.”

The following awards were presented:

Best Dealer Facebook Ad Campaign, Individual Dealer

Tempe Chrysler Jeep

This award is for the individual dealer with the best Facebook advertising performance that created the most engaging dialogue with its fans.

Best Dealer Facebook Ad Campaign, Dealer Group

Village Automotive Group

Village won this award for being the best dealer group in terms of Facebook advertising performance which created the most engaging dialogue with its fans.

Most Creative Facebook Ad Campaign

Rich Ford

This award went to the most creative Facebook campaign which was shared with the most users.

Greatest Local Facebook Reach

Platinum – Liberty Toyota Gold – Halleen Kia

This award goes to the dealers with the greatest local reach and largest fan base within 50 miles of their physical location.

Biggest Social Media Impact on Website

Platinum – Holz Motors Gold – Executive Kia

These dealers won the award for having the most traffic from their social media websites directed to their dealership website.

Biggest Facebook Increase in Engaged Followers

Platinum – Adamson Ford Gold – Charles Gabus Ford

These dealers received this award for getting the biggest increase in likes and engagement from fans throughout the year, than any other dealer.

Best Reputation for an Individual Dealer

Non-Luxury Brand – Norm Reeves Honda Luxury Brand – Walter’s Mercedes Benz

This award is for reputation management across the top online review sites and measured effectiveness at driving web traffic from these review sites to the dealership website.

Special Recognition – Best Social Media Innovator

Van Griffith Kia

This award went to the dealer for the best overall use of social media to increase sales and social media followers.

Special Recognition – Best Social Media Thought Leadership

Paragon Auto Group

According to Direct Air Strike, Paragon Auto Group’s General Manager Brian Benstock consistently demonstrated innovation and the best practices in social media and online reputation management. He was recently featured in an Information Week thought leadership piece about using social media to sell automobiles.

Greatest Facebook Reach for a Manufacturer/OEM – Honda This award recognizes the best performing auto manufacturer using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Most Positive Reviews per Store for a Manufacturer/OEM – Chrysler This award goes to the auto manufacturer with the most amount of positive reviews per store.

Best Reputation for a Manufacturer/OEM – General Motors This awards the auto manufacturer with the highest review rating above 4/5.

Biggest Facebook Increase in Followers for a Manufacturer/OEM – Ford This award showcases the auto manufacturer with the best increase in Facebook followers.

Most Social Media Mentions for Super Bowl Ad for a Manufacturer/OEM – Dodge Ram “Farmer” This award tracked the number of overall social media mentions and YouTube views for all automotive Super Bowl ads.

Most Creative Use of Crowdsourcing for a Manufacturer/OEM – Kia “The Ride” This award highlights the best use of crowdsourcing to highlight customer creativity.

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