Superman Themed Kia Optima Hybrid Looks Bad for a Good Cause


Swooping in to save the world from evil, or at least this week’s Chicago Auto Show from boredom, Kia’s Superman-inspired Optima Hybrid is an interesting concept car to say the least.

This car is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the automaker, Super Street magazine and DC Entertainment. It’s part of a 10-month, eight-vehicle partnership that’s highlighting the famous “Justice League” super heroes. In case you’re wondering, that illustrious group includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and of course, Superman.

An eighth vehicle will be the final in this “super” series and will be an amalgamation of all the Justice League characters.


As for this car, it’s not your standard Kia Optima Hybrid. It’s been widened with special fenders, which give it a mean look. It also features an adjustable suspension system that can rise up and drop down with the push of a button, plus it has a giant Superman logo on the hood.

The look will certainly grab attention in traffic, but don’t think designers forgot about the interior. It’s spruced up with some “man of steel” upgrades as well. The car’s front seats and steering wheel are emblazoned with the famous “S” shield.

The cooperation between Kia, Super Street and DC Entertainment is a joint effort between them to raise awareness of the “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign, which is a relief effort to help people affected by famine and drought in the Horn of Africa.  All together it makes for a strange series of concept cars, but at least they’re benefiting a good cause.

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