Suzuki Small Crossover Teased Before Geneva Show

Suzuki announced its exit from the U.S. market late last year, but the brand’s cars are still selling in other countries – the latest of which it is teasing ahead of the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

A C-segment crossover, the car Suzuki is teasing will be a production evolution on the S-Cross concept it brought to the Paris Motor Show in Septmeber, 2012. Specifications are still a mystery, but the teaser shows more than most usually do.

For example, the LED light bars that sat on the concept’s lower front fascia move up to sit directly underneath the headlights. The grille is also transformed to be more in line with current Suzuki production cars. Nevertheless, it seems to be keeping the same questionable green color seen during the Paris show.

The wheels are different than on the concept, but are still heavily styled.

Of course, the concept car’s tiny side-view mirrors are replaced with normally-sized units. The A-pillars now also match the car’s paint color where the concepts were black and matched the heavily tinted glass.

Suzuki did disclose in its press release that the car will come with four-wheel drive and will have the largest luggage capacity in tis segment.

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