Top 10 Compact Cars with the Largest Back Seats

Top 10 Compact Cars with the Largest Back Seats

1. Volkswagen Jetta – 38.1 Inches

And lookie here, Volkswagen clinches another win. A couple weeks ago its midsize Passat TDI took home top-honors by delivering the longest theoretical driving range, and now it’s the Jetta’s turn in the winner’s circle. This C-Segment sedan offers up a limousine-like 38.1 inches of rear-seat legroom. VW promises that’s enough space to conceive a child – maybe even twins. (No, not really. We just made that part up. Fertility is not guaranteed or covered under the car’s Three-Year, 36,000-mile warranty.)

The Jetta is a champion in one other area as well. It offers the biggest trunk in this Top 10. It’s commodious to the tune of 15.5 cubic feet.

While this “People’s Car” has a big boot and lots of back-bench legroom it’s pretty average in other areas. The wheelbase is only 104.4 inches; its overall passenger volume is third worst at just 94.1 cubic feet; and the Jetta delivers the least amount of front-seat space, just 41.2 inches.

Still, if you need a C-Segment car with lots of room to stretch out in the back, Volkswagen’s Jetta is your best bet.

GALLERY: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta