Top 10 Compact Cars with the Largest Back Seats

Top 10 Compact Cars with the Largest Back Seats

9. Ford Focus – 33.2 Inches

Barely, and we mean BARELY edging out the Hyundai Elantra is Ford’s fun-loving Focus. This Michigan-built C-Segment sedan delivers 33.2 inches of back seat sprawlin’ room, just one-tenth of an inch more than the Hyundai.

At 90.7 cubic feet the car’s total passenger volume is considerably less than what’s served up by the Elantra, which delivers almost five more cubes. Ford’s Focus has the smallest overall interior in this Top 10, but since we’re comparing rear-seat legroom it’s spared a last-place finish. It lands in ninth by the skin of its teeth, or rather, the film on its windshield.

GALLERY: 2013 Ford Focus