Top 10 Crossovers with the Most Third-Row Legroom

Third-Row Legroom

Welcome back to the all-you-can-eat Top-10 buffet! You know you want more, and AutoGuide’s happy to serve up another heaping helping of facts, neatly garnished with a sprig of fun. Grab a plate, load it up and tuck in to another generous portion of automotive infotainment.

Last week C-Segment sedans battled it out for back-seat supremacy, and the Volkswagen Jetta drove away with top honors. But that was then, this is now. Movin’ on up the vehicular scale, mass-market, three-row crossovers are today’s target.

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These SUV replacements generally offer fashion-forward families more style and capability than traditional minivans, though not necessarily more interior space. We’ve rounded up 10 popular models, each equipped with a six-cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive. Which one offers the most space to unfortunate passengers forced to ride in the back of the bus? You know what to do…


Hasdragontatoos says:

Nissan you screwed the pooch! this is a mini-van not an SUV!! 

Srikanth .Y.S. says:

wht abt MDX, Q7, X5, etc…

Tee says:

first of all the xc90 offers 32.4 inches of leg room so where is that at… u guys need to fix this its not right at all.

bigmike says:

Crossovers not suvS, like how the explorer and old range rover sports are now the same design, since ford bought them to take the design, sneaky fyi never buy a land rover product unless you like to fork out the money, biggest pos out there.

Murad Iqbal says:

Toyota Sequoia has the highest 3rd row leg room. Why wasn’t it mentioned here?

ColumWood says:

We’d classify that as an SUV rather than a crossover.