Toyota GT86 GT4 Race Car Unveiled

The first Toyota GT86 prepared for GT4 racing has just been unveiled by Buckingham-based motorsport company GPRM.

The car is powered by the same 2.0-liter direct-injection engine as the road-going GT86, except this race car is strapped with a turbocharger which will boost the output to somewhere between 360 and 400 hp. The engine was designed in a joint partnership with Nicholson McLaren Engines, and is now ready to begin pre-season testing.

“We have gone all out to engineer quality and reliability into the GT86 as well as competitiveness, and the result has provoked a lot of interest from all around Europe,” said GPRM director Gary Blackham. The company has already received one order for a GT4-spec GT86.

Although Toyota was not directly involved in the build, they have been providing technical support to GPRM.

GALLERY: Toyota GT86 for GT4


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