Volkswagen Bringing new Infotainment System to US

Volkswagen is going to begin offering a proprietary infotainment system in the U.S. this year according the brand’s marketing boss. 

Named “Car-Net,” the system is said to be similar to Ford’s MyFord Touch and Sync software. Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer at Volkswagen of America told Automotive News that the new system is likely to be adopted by all of VW’s North American product lineup, although no details have been finalized.

One major addition brought by the new infotainment system is roadside assistance.

Volkswagen has been watching its competitors closely to see where they failed with infotainment, and is trying not to make the same mistakes. “That’s the advantage of watching others go first,” Mahoney said.

The seventh-generation Golf has already received the brand’s infotainment setup in Europe. The car will come arrive in 2014.

[Source: Automotive News]

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