Volvo Rolling Out Four New Models from 2014

Volvo is planning to release four, all-new models starting from 2014 updating its XC90, S80, V80, and a new shorter wheelbase 2+2 coupe expected to be called the C80.

All four models will be based on the Swedish automaker’s new Scaleable Platform Architecture and will all sport Volvo’s new family of VCA four-cylinder engines – both standard gasoline and diesel. The four-cylinder gasoline engines are expected to have 140 to 280 hp while the diesels will feature 120 to 230 hp.

Transmission options include manual transmissions or eight-speed automatics and the automaker has no plans of adding V6 or V8 powerplants to its lineup. The new S80 and V80 are expected to arrive in 2015.

Volvo hopes to grow its sales to 800,000 globally shortly after 2020.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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