2014 Mercedes C-Class Loses Camo in Spy Photos

2014 Mercedes C-Class Loses Camo in Spy Photos

Mercedes is working hard at providing a unified image for all of its cars, and the entry level C-Class is set to get an update.

Our spy photographers snapped these pictures of the C-Class testing in the snow with less camo now shielding the new design from prying eyes. That means there’s much to gawk at, including a unique set of wheels, which are more out-there than anything else Mercedes has on its vehicles.

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Additionally the rear end of the C-Class has seen major revisions, with what looks like a new set of tail-lights, and twin tailpipes which line up well with the new bumper.

The front end is still pretty heavily camouflaged, but it’s hard to imagine that Mercedes would neglect to put the corporate mug on the entry level vehicle. Expect the same LED headlights and grille treatment that’s been going around the brands other updated vehicles.

GALLERY:Mercedes-Benz C-Class Update

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