BMW Confirms i3 EV On Sale This Year

BMW has confirmed that the very first vehicles under its new i eco brand will go on sale later this year, starting with the i3.

A vehicle and a brand that, “is a response to the social, ecological and economic challenges of our times,” BMW is continuing to showcase what is in store with the European premiere of the i3 Coupe concept at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The i3 Coupe will take the stage alongside the i8 Spyder showcasing the new eDrive powertrain as well as a range of drive modes designed to maximize the car’s capability and deliver what it calls “range security.”

Using a drive mode selector similar to that used in conventional BMW’s, here it features three settings: Comfort, Eco Pro and Eco Pro+. With 80 to 100 miles (130 to 160 km) of every day range, BMW claims Eco Pro mode will extend that by 10 percent, while the Eco Pro+ mode (with a limited top speed of 56 mph and minimal HVAC) will offer up to an additional 25 miles of range for a total that could approach 125 miles.

For those on longer journeys, BMW claims a fast-charger will be able to replenish 75 mile of range in the time it takes to stop for a coffee (we’re not talking drive-through here), while those who demand more can opt for a range-extender gasoline engine that will offer up to 186 miles of total range.

BMW has not yet provided pricing on the new i3 models.

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