Honda Civic Tourer Concept is a Euro-Only Wagon


Photos of the new Civic Tourer Concept have just hit the net, giving a look at an upcoming Honda wagon for the European market.

While a concept, it’s most certainly headed to production, though this Civic wagon will not come to North America. After all, it’s based on the Euro-spec Civic platform, which is entirely different from the popular compact sold on our shores.

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No details have yet to be released on the powertrains available, but expect Honda to offer it’s efficient and ultra-light 1.6-liter diesel engine with 118 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque.

Look for more photos when AutoGuide’s Geneva Auto Show coverage starts Tuesday, March 5th.

GALLERY: Honda Civic Tourer Concept



RustyBear says:

Come on Honda…Stop playing it safe in USA! Release this model to NA shores and stand back and see sales increase…Your line needs a refresh and quickly…

Soyntgo4it says:

Has nothing to do with Honda has to do with US regulations on Diesels. Their lines need refreshing hmm have you seen the new Accord? 

Kinetis says:

Would you pay 40,000 for a loaded Civic? I don’t think most of America would. Everyone’s argument in the states is “I could buy a Mustang for that price, and the Mustang has more power.” So instead, we get a cheaper Civic designed to a lower price point that can fit larger Americans.

ramon says:

USA needs this car ^^^ and the hatchback.