SRT Viper Time Attack is Purpose-Built ZR1 Fighter

SRT Viper Time Attack is Purpose-Built ZR1 Fighter

SRT’s only product – the Viper – is getting a middle-of-the-road value bundle meant to improve performance.

So-equipped, the Viper Time Attack costs $120,500 to slot between the $102,000 Viper and its $125,000 GTS variant.

Late last year, MotorTrend tested a Corvette ZR1 against the new Viper and the Chevrolet came out on top. That sparked a spat between the buff book and SRT CEO Ralph Gilles who didn’t take the verdict lightly, Tweeting “There is a lot more left in the car. Randy has always struggled with the Viper” in reference to pro race car driver Randy Probst who piloted both cars. Probst didn’t pull punches and according to MotorTrend, said “Well, yeah, I’ve always had a hard time with cars that don’t handle well!”

SRT maintains that the Time Attack package was going to be released anyway, although it seems likely that the TA package was rushed to market ahead of when it was originally planned.

Buyers get a go-fast goody bundle including a carbon fiber front lip kit and rear spoiler that adds 300 lbs of downforce at 150 mph. You also get improved brakes and wheels. That includes Brembo rotors that are twice as thick as the standard StopTech rotors.

You’ll also get the same two-mode remote reservoir shocks as the higher-end Viper GTS, although that car gets “street” and “track” modes while the TA version gets two track-oriented suspension modes. The suspension system’s spring rates and anti-roll bar tuning are also specific to the package.

SRT made a lot of tweaks to cut weight including a carbon fiber x-brace over the engine instead of the stock aluminum equipment. In total, the car weighs 3,332 lbs, which is 11 lb lighter than the base SRT Viper. One of the more ridiculous weight saving measures SRT took was to replace all the car’s badges with stickers – possibly one of the only times there’s been a serious argument for decals making a car faster.

There will be 33 cars built and sold in 2013 and all of them will be painted in bright orange. Most importantly, the TA is faster than the ZR1 Corvette with a 0-60 sprint in 3.3 seconds.

Update: SRT’s official release says the Viper Time Attack’s curb weight is an estimated 3,348 lbs. 

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