Toyota i-Road is an Electric Scooter That Drives Like a Car


Set to make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow, Toyota has unveiled a new electric scooter that drives like a car thanks to a newly developed Active Lean technology.

Called the i-Road, it is a three-wheeled Personal Mobility Device (PMD) the size of a conventional scooter and is less than three feet wide. The Active Lean technology uses a gyro-sensor and a unique front suspension system to essentially move the wheels up and down, counteracting the need to lean-over in a corner.

Operating even to smooth out slight changes at higher speeds, as well as to stabilize the vehicle at stoplights, there’s no need for the operator to put their feet on the ground, allowing for a car-like closed cockpit. In addition, that means there’s no need to wear a helmet, while the vehicle offers features you’d never get in a scooter, like heating, audio and Bluetooth.

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Powering the i-Road are two 2kW motors and a lithium-ion battery pack, allowing for what Toyota calls “brisk acceleration” and a range of 30 miles (50 km). The i-Road can be recharged in three hours.

Calling it, “an ideal urban vehicle… without compromising individual freedom of mobility,” Toyota says the i-Road concept brings it one step further towards a goal of having the “ultimate range of eco cars.”

 GALLERY: Toyota i-Road


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MistyGreen says:

Great idea about the active leaning.  This could be a big deal in the scooter world!  🙂  I don’t like the windows on the lower half of the doors though, that’s creepy.

MistyGreen says:

Although, how does it turn at low speeds?

FunRide007 says:

 Misty, it has Rear-Wheel steering, and a very small turning radius.

Adamk1w1 says:

yes yes yes want one now ,that will take me to work and back for guilt free driving
how much will  it cost in new zealand

david says:

How much in miami??

Crtolson says:

Seat Belt and/or air bags? Looks fun

FunRide007 says:

Toyota has a great concept (Narrow,
Enclosed, Tilting, Commuter); BUT its limited performance (30 mi.
range, 28mph speed) severely limits its practicality and
marketability in today’s society. While less than 30mph might be OK
for a city center; getting there on 45-55mph roads would be
impractical and dangerous. Most city dwellers live in apartments and
high rises and would find parking, storing and recharging
impractical. Might be good for a “Car Sharing” business. Now if
Toyota could come up with an i-Road-2.0 with 100 mile range and a top
speed of 65-75mph, then they would have the “Commuter of the
Future” for suburbanites , and would sell hundreds of thousands; I
know I’d buy one!

david says:

Good I ‘m w/you. I like your proposal to increase mph & running time ok

jéjé says:

why did they not use a natural mecanichal pendular system like swincar ?

Without electronic and very best reliability ?
Why with difficulties when it could be easy ?

John says:

Toyota, one of the largest car companies in the world and that is what they came up with? *Holds head in hands*
I like the 3 wheel concept based on the Gilera 3 wheelers but the range and the power output is very poor. It is only replacing a pushbike not a car.
Any why are electric vehicles designed to look like cheap toys? although the main photo doesn’t look to bad.
Toyota, please Google Tesla Motors