Volkswagen Golf Named 2013 European Car of the Year

Europe is known for building some of the world’s finest cars, so what do folks on “the continent” think is the best car to spend your Euros on? As it turns out, the Volkswagen Golf.

The Golf handily beat out the other finalists for top honors in Europe, with 414 total points, doubling those of the runner up, the Toyota GT-86 (Subaru BRZ). In third place was the Volvo V40 with 189 points.

Volkswagen last won the European Car of the Year in 2008 with the Polo. Prior to that it’s last win was with the Golf all the way back in 1992. The win ties the Renault Clio to make the Golf the only car to have won ECOTY twice.

Amazingly, every time Volkswagen reveals a new Golf, it has at least found its way onto the podium at the Euro awards.

Based on Volkswagen’s all-new MQB platform that will underpin numerous other new cars, the seventh-generation Golf sheds up to 220 lbs over its predecessor. As always, Volkswagen will offer numerous versions of the Golf, from including both a GTD diesel hot-hatch and the iconic GTI which now makes as much as 230 hp.

While billed as a 2013 model in Europe, the new Golf will be a 2014 model for North America and won’t arrive until later this year.

GALLERY: 2014 VW Golf


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