Compare Popular Cars Side-by-Side


Shopping for a new car isn’t easy and we know you can use all the help you can get, that’s why we’ve launched a car comparison tool to line up vehicle specs side-by-side so you can make an educated purchase.

In addition to our reviews and comparisons tests, the AutoGuide Car Comparison Tool will let you cross-shop up to four cars at once. Plus, to make things easier we’ve pre-loaded a whole selection of commonly compared cars, crossovers and trucks to help get you started. (Check out the list below).

If your tastes are a bit more specific, then just head to the Car Comparison Tool here to get started.

Still lost? Remember, you can always ask our Ask AutoGuide experts by emailing us at [email protected] .


Mid-Size Sedans

Compare the Toyota Camry to the Honda Accord to the Ford Fusion

Compact Sedans

Compare the Honda Civic to the Toyota Corolla to the Ford Focus

Full-Size Sedans

Compare the Chevy Impala to the Ford Taurus to the Toyota Avalon

Sub-Compact Sedans

Compare the Nissan Versa to the Chevy Sonic to the Hyundai Accent


Compact Hatchbacks

Compare the Ford Focus to the Mazda3 to the Hyundai Elantra GT

Performance Hatchbacks

Compare the Volkswagen GTI to the Ford Focus ST to the Mazdaspeed3

Sub-compact Hatchbacks

Compare the Honda Fit to the Toyota Yaris to the Ford Fiesta


Compact Coupes

Compare the Honda Civic Coupe to the Hyundai Elantra Coupe to the Scion tC

Mid-Size Coupes

Compare the Honda Accord Coupe to the Nissan Altima Coupe


Compact Crossovers

Compare the Ford Escape to the Toyota RAV4 to the Honda CR-V

Mid-Size Crossovers

Compare the Ford Edge to the Toyota Venza to the Honda Crosstour

Full-Size Crossovers

Compare the Toyota Highlander to the Nissan Pathfinder to the Ford Explorer

Full-Size SUVS

Compare the Chevy Tahoe to the Ford Expedition to the Toyota Sequoia


Compact Luxury Crossovers

Compare the Lexus RX to the BMW X3 to the Audi Q5

Mid-Size Luxury Crossovers

Compare the Acura MDX to the Infiniti QX60 to the Mercedes M-Class



Compare the Honda Odyssey to the Toyota Sienna to the Chrysler Town & Country


Compact Sports Cars

Compare the Scion FR-S to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe to the Honda Civic Si

Muscle Cars

Compare the Ford Mustang to the Chevy Camaro to the Dodge Challenger

Sports Cars

Compare the Porsche 911 to the Nissan GT-R to the Chevy Corvette


Compact Luxury Sedans

Compare the BMW 3 Series to the Mercedes C-Class to the Lexus IS

Mid-Size Luxury Sedans

Compare the Mercedes E-Class to the BMW 5 Series to the Lexus GS

Full-Size Luxury Sedans

Compare the Mercedes S-Class to the BMW 7 Series to the Lexus LS



Compare the Toyota Prius to the Honda Civic Hybrid to the Ford Fusion Energi

Plug-in Hybrids

Compare the Chevy Volt to the Toyota Prius PHEV to the Ford Fusion Energi

Electric Cars

Compare the Nissan Leaf to the Ford Focus Electric to the Chevrolet Volt

Compact Premium Hybrids

Compare the Lexus CT200h to the Acura ILX Hybrid


Compact Pickup Trucks

Compare the Toyota Tacoma to the Nissan Frontier

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Compare the Ford F-150 to the Chevy Silverado to the Ram 1500

Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Compare the Ford F-Series to the Chevy Silverado to the Ram 2500

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