First Dodge Dart Registry-Funded Vehicle Sold

The first Dodge Dart funded through the “Dodge Dart Registry” has been purchased in New York after more than $22,600 was raised in under a month.

The local community along with hundreds of parishioners from the Northern Church in Clifton Park, New York used the Dodge Dart Registry to raise money towards the purchase of a new Dart that will go to a woman needing a new vehicle to make long, weekly trips for medical treatment. The registry was called “Toni’s Registry” and was created by Jody Mostoller, his wife Teri, and their friend Kristen Burke, to help get their friend a new car.

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More than 260 friends, family, and fellow parishioners contributed to the registry raising over $22,600 in 21 days. As a result, an all-new 2013 Dodge Dart SXT was purchased and everyone from the local community was present when the keys were handed over to their friend.

The American automaker celebrated the first Dart funded through its registry program as well. Dodge announced it would contribute $20,000 to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and gave the recipient of the Dart a $2,000 gift card for gasoline purchases as she makes her trips back and forth to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

“When we first heard about the ‘Dodge Dart Registry,’ I thought it was a great idea that no one has done before to fund a car,” said Jody Mostoller. “Teri immediately thought about our friend and how creating a registry would be an easy way for people to help her get the new car she so desperately needed. The community rallied behind the idea and it was so much fun to watch it all unfold.”

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