Range Rover Releases Exploration Driving App

Land Rover has released an iPhone and iPad app for its all-new Range Rover that allows consumers to explore the new SUV through an eight-stage interactive journey from four synced camera angles.

It’s the British automaker’s first app and was designed to showcase the fourth-generation Range Rover. Titled “The Trail Less Traveled” app, it’s now available through iTunes and users will be able to explore the refinements to the new Range Rover’s exterior and interior while seeing its robust on- and off-road capabilities.

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The app takes the driver through stunning scenery and switches instantly from wide camera angles to tight close ups and even the driver’s point-of-view. The user can select his or her own route through an interactive map and can even pause the experience, returning to it at a later time.

“For over 65 years, Land Rover has been a pioneer in the auto industry by exploring new ways to help take people places in a way that other vehicles simply cannot. The Trail Less Traveled app is meant to showcase this spirit that is inherent to our brand,” said Kim McCullough, Brand Vice President of Land Rover North America. “Moreover, the app is a tool that we know will resonate with our owners and enthusiasts as they are tech-savvy and intensively active social-media users.”

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