Top 10 Least Reliable Cars and Trucks

Survey Says...

Since its founding in 1936, Consumer Reports has become the go-to source for shoppers. From new refrigerators to bottles of wine, Blue-ray players to homeowner’s insurance, if it’s on the market it’s likely the non-profit organization has scientifically tested it. Of course the consumer watchdog is probably most famous for its vehicle reliability ratings.

Conscientious shoppers in the market for a new ride turn to the magazine’s pages for advice. They search out cars and trucks with most the red dots, and shun ones that get black marks. The group’s survey methodology, while controversial, paints a broad and easily understood picture for buyers.


To earn a coveted “Recommended” rating, vehicles must perform well in the organization’s testing and have a reliability score of average or better. But what about cars and trucks that fail to make the grade? Here’s a list of the Top 10 Least Reliable Vehicles according to Consumer Reports. If you’re familiar with their ratings you’ll know products from the Detroit Three typically don’t score as well as their Japanese competitors. Needless to say there’s trouble brewing in Dearborn. Team America… oh no.