BMW Launches M Power Data Acquisition App


BMW has released an all-new M Power app for owners that uses the car’s sensors to provide accurate and informative feedback.

The app is compatible with all BMW models with the BMW Apps option and requires an Apple device with iOS 6 and above. It’ll also require a USB cable or snap-in adapter in order to connect to the vehicle and is intended for off-road use only.

What the app does is turn your BMW into an enthusiast track day “data acquisition and analysis” system. It comes complete with track maps, g-force, accelerometer, throttle position, braking, environmental sensors, GPS for speed and position, and engine RPM. It’s a great companion for enthusiast track day events, driver training, lap and driver comparison and analysis, and social network sharing.

Graphs that show your data along with points on the track provide immediate feedback on how your driving is, and how and where you can improve. You can also compare sessions in order to see what driving changes are being effective and what are not.



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