Cadillac XTS, ATS, Chevrolet Impala Recalled for Brake Light Issue

General Motors has issued a recall on 1,621 new vehicles with brake lights that flash when the brake pedal isn’t being engaged.

The recall affects about 800 Chevrolet Impalas from the 2014 model year and over 800 Cadillac XTS and ATS models from 2013. The issue can also cause the cruise control to disengage on the vehicles. The American automaker believes that not even one percent of the recalled vehicles are actually affected by the issue.

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The condition was discovered at GM’s Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant and as a result, only about 80 cars in the recall population were in use. So far there have been no customer complaints or injuries related to the issue.

Those affected by the recall will be contacted by the American automaker so that they can take their vehicles to their local dealerships to have it fixed.

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