Mazda to Debut New Model on Xbox Live


Mazda has teamed up with Xbox to produce the first-ever global live stream of a new vehicle introduction through the video game entertainment system.

The Japanese automaker won’t disclose which vehicle is being unveiled, but it will take place in New York and will be streamed globally on Xbox Live at 9:00 PM EDT on June 26, 2013. The event will also feature a live concert by Metric, also another first to be streamed live globally through Xbox.

Mazda has kicked off a campaign to raise awareness about the event on social media with the hashtag #GameChanger. The campaign will also feature a sweepstakes for one lucky entrant to win $2,500 to create their dream trip to a music event of their choice.

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Fans that participate in the live broadcast will also get a digital #GameChanger t-shirt for their Xbox Live Avatar.

“It’s a digitally connected world, so what better way to reach our customers than through a connected platform like Xbox,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing for Mazda.  “We were looking for a way to launch a global product and tie together our five separate reveals.  Xbox not only gave us the platform, but allowed us to leverage our digital assets to drive a global audience to view the event.”

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