Nissan Leaf NISMO Package Adds More Performance

Nissan Leaf NISMO Package Adds More Performance

The Nissan Leaf isn’t exactly the first vehicle you might think of when it comes to NISMO performance, but the Japanese automaker is now offering a slightly sportier version of its EV.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the NISMO Leaf, but Nissan has added some performance goodies to the package along with the styling upgrades. Customers can now get their hands on a reset control module that frees up some extra performance from the engine with very little effect on the Leaf’s range.

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It comes at a price though as a $1,400 option. But it’ll give drivers better throttle response, helping improve acceleration. In addition, the module tweaks the car’s Eco mode to help improve cruising range.

Other accessories available to Leaf owners by NISMO includes the styling package that’s priced at $10,225 for the carbon fiber option. It’s also available in fiber-reinforced plastic. A sport suspension kit runs $1,080 while 18-inch wheels are available at $450 a piece.

As of now, NISMO isn’t planning on offering any of the Leaf accessories in America. But as with anything else in the aftermarket, enthusiasts will find a way to import the goods from Japan at a cost.

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