Saleen Developing New Supercar, High Performance EVs


Now that the merger of SMS Signature Cars and the original Saleen Autosport has been completed, Saleen Automotive is looking forward to the future of bringing new, high-performance sports cars to the market.

With Steve Saleen back at the helm, Saleen Automotive has announced that it has raised around $3 million in investment funding and will begin selling aftermarket specialty parts and lifestyle accessories along with its vehicles. New versions of its existing products are in the pipeline, but so is a new-generation supercar and “high-performance electric vehicles targeting the zero-emissions segment,” according to Steve Saleen in a statement.

Though the American automaker didn’t elaborate on its supercar or EV plans, it’s likely it’ll revisit its S5S Raptor concept that debuted back in 2008. Back then, it was considered to be a spiritual successor to the S7.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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