Top 10 Trucks for the Working Man (or Woman)

Top 10 Trucks for the Working Man (or Woman)

Blue-Collar Blues

Several months back we posted an epic Top 10 list highlighting some of the priciest, most opulent and downright ludicrous pickups available on the market. Vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade EXT and Harley-Davidson F-150 are but a couple of the high-brow haulers we featured. Those vehicles – and we hesitate to call them trucks – are so over the top they spill into luxury-car territory.

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Larping-HorseWhile these platinum-plated pickups are still plenty functional the typical buyer probably isn’t going to use them for actual work, and by that we mean hauling a bed-full of scrap iron to the metal recycler or towing a trailer loaded with landscaping equipment. Trips to the feed store for a few bags of organic, non-GMO oats for their champion racing stallion is about as much work as these “trucks” will see. Rastafarian’s Larper turns his nose up to anything less.

Not happy with our Top 10 list AutoGuide reader Nancy Jo had a few cross words to say about the post.

Ok, So we’ve seen what the wanna be’s like and can afford. Now show the list of truck for the REAL COWGIRLS and BOYS. I wouldn’t by anything on this list! Yuppie’s have ruined it for the working man once again.

Clearly she’s not a woman to mince words. Nancy Jo says what she means and means what she says. Saluting everyone that wears a blue-collar for a living we proudly present a list of the Top 10 Trucks for the Working Man (or Woman). In no particular order, here they are.