Google Eyeing Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Market

Tech giant Google, which has been investing heavily into self-driving vehicles, could potentially seek opportunities in the electric vehicle market in the future.

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the company has been pouring research and development money in all areas of the industry. Schmidt, who was present for Paul Drayson’s electric land speed record attempt, believes that “in 20 years’ time, electric cars will be in the mainstream.”

Schmidt drew a parallel to how rapidly digital cameras replaced analog cameras, stating that one day the general population will look at internal combustion engines and scratch their heads, wondering why cars were so complex. “The technology itself is simple and the application of it is advancing quickly,” he said at the event.”

Google of course, has expanded well beyond just a search engine company. It has been willing to take risks in entering new markets, especially with its new Google Glass project. The tech giant hasn’t been afraid of investing into any forms of new technology and electric vehicles would just be another component in its already diverse portfolio.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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