Honda Micro Commuter Prototype Begins Field Tests

Honda Micro Commuter Prototype Begins Field Tests

Honda‘s micro-sized electric vehicle, the Micro Commuter Prototype β, will begin testing this fall within the city of Saitama, Japan.

Throughout the testing period, the Japanese automaker along with the city, will study usage patterns and uses for micro-sized mobility products. Both Honda and the City of Saitama hope to solve various transportation-related issues in urban areas. The Micro Commuter Prototype β will especially study the needs of assisting short-distance daily transportation of senior citizens, and car-sharing for commuting and commercial purposes.

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The Micro Commuter Prototype β is a short-distance transportation EV that will also be tested to see its value as a household battery. The first Micro Commuter was powered by a 15 kW electric motor and had a range of 37 miles and a charge time of three hours. Honda didn’t announce if any changes were made to the Micro Commuter’s powerplant in its latest prototype.

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