Mercedes ‘Ultimate Golf Cart’ Charges With Solar Panel

The Mercedes design competition that asked people to pen their idea of the ultimate golf cart has given birth to a product. 

Ahead of its official debut at the British Open at the Muirfield golf club in Scotland, the brand unveiled its cart today with a swoopy design, two seats and style cues from Mercedes vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart, as it’s called, uses a joy stick positioned between the two seats to steer so either passenger can direct the vehicle.

Other technological amenities include iPhone docking with both Bluetooth and USB interfaces. There’s also a head-up display, air conditioning, speakers and an infotainiment system that can connect the cart to the clubhouse among other functions.

Mercedes powers the vehicle with an electric drive system that can be recharged via an outlet, but also takes advantage of a roof-mounted solar panel to gather energy.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart


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