Top 10 Pickup Truck Innovations

Top 10 Pickup Truck Innovations

Tech in Trucks

Pickup trucks are tools that need to be durable, dependable, and most of all, useful.

To help working men and women everywhere, automakers have been increasing the range of technology that finds its way into pickup trucks, helping to make these high-torque tools into multi-purpose machines capable of more than just hauling around weight.

With the advent of pickup trucks being used as daily drivers by people who don’t work construction, the industry has been striving to make trucks more comfortable as well, outfitting them with amenities that would have seemed like a fantasy just a decade ago.

Air suspension, turbocharging, easy to access beds and touchscreen controls are just some of the innovations that pickup trucks have adopted to make them more versatile, making them capable of so much more.

Read on to to find out more about the top ten pickup trucks innovations of the past decade.

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