Toyota Surges in Social Media; Still Trails Chevy, Ford


Toyota is picking up the pace when it comes to discussions about the brand on social media, though it still trails domestic heavyweights Chevrolet and Ford according to a new report.

In a the latest Social Buzz Report performed by Phoenix Marketing International, the Japanese auto giant saw an increase of 52 percent in online conversations about the brand with over 1.1 million conversations in the month of June. Chevrolet topped that number with over 1.3 million brand discussions while Ford is out in front with almost 1.8 million discussions.

According to Brian Maraone, VP of Automotive at Phoenix Marketing, there were two big reasons for Toyota’s surge in social media discussion in June. “First, there was a spike in conversations on June 5 because a network of sites uploaded a lot of Toyota manuals (repair manuals). Secondly, there was another spike in in conversations on June 24th related to Homero Richards, who is a Mexican NASCAR race car driver from MExico City, and him winning the pole for a race in his hometown of Monterey.

Another big winner for the month was the Jeep brand (also up 52 percent), landing it in 10th place with over 700,000 conversations. Unfortunately for Jeep, however, much of its popularity increase can be attributed to recalls and an earlier refusal to recall certain vehicles.

The report doesn’t just document how many conversations, but the types of conversations too. Leading discussions about quality and price were German luxury brands BMW and Mercedes, while the automaker most often associated with fuel economy was Nissan.

Perhaps due to its 10th 24 Hours of Le Mans win, Audi dominated social media discussions on performance – ahead of German rivals Mercedes and even BMW.