BMW X5 xDrive35d Recalled for Fire Hazard

BMW X5 xDrive35d Recalled for Fire Hazard

BMW is issuing a recall for its 2009 and 2010 X5 xDrive35d SUVs for a potential loss of battery power and the risk of a vehicle fire.

In total, 1,540 vehicles are affected by the recall with the fuel filter heater for the diesel engine at the core of the issue. According to NHTSA, the fuel filter heater can experience an electrical overload condition and become permanently activated. The fuel filter heater is used to warm up the diesel fuel during vehicle operation at low outside temperatures.

If the fuel filter heater remains active, even when the ignition is off, it could lead to a dead battery. In the worst case scenario, the unit can also overheat, possibly resulting in a fire.

BMW says there haven’t been any reported injuries or accidents caused by the flaw. The recall will replace the fuel filter heater free of charge to owners.

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