New Toyota GT 86 Performance Parts Showcased


Scion product sales are struggling across the board… with one exception.

The FR-S, or Toyota GT 86 as it’s called elsewhere, is currently the only product in Scion’s line that isn’t in decline. That could be due to its status as a new vehicle, but automotive romantics and the company would both have you believe the reasons are more merit-based. They’re probably right.

It’s well-balanced, fun to drive and entirely engaging, but some people would still prefer an enhanced version and something could be coming. Australian media are currently testing a version of the car with a series of performance enhancements including 18-inch wheels that are both larger and wider than the stock alloys along with higher-performance tires. Improved dampers are also part of the package.

Standard springs, sway bars and suspension bushings all remain in place and the parts are meant to be installed without affecting the warranty.

Toyota currently offers FR-S buyers in North America a higher-performance exhaust and air intake, but nothing else. The suspension, tire, and wheel package mentioned above isn’t available for retail purchase yet, and it isn’t clear if the company will sell the package with the Scion-branded car.


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Photo courtesy of CarsGuide