Nissan Preparing New Z Car as 240Z Spiritual Successor

Nissan Preparing New Z Car as 240Z Spiritual Successor

According to the latest reports, Nissan is preparing a spiritual successor to the 240Z, an all-new Z car that’s currently codenamed Z35.

The Z35 will honor the 240Z by bringing a modern interpretation to the classic’s long front end and short deck. Essentially it will be a downsized 370Z, which means it will be about 2-inches narrower. But more importantly, the Japanese automaker aims to use plenty of lightweight, high-tensile steel on the Z35 in order for it to weigh in at a class-leading 2,866 pounds.

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Currently, Nissan is mulling over whether or not to offer a V6 with the Z35. The Japanese automaker is hoping to wean its customers off the popular V6 that’s currently found in many of its models in favor of a more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine. It is rumored that the automaker is working on a 2.5-liter turbo-four cylinder that will produce around 330 horsepower.

Nissan may have to dial the performance back however, in order to ensure the car is somewhat respectable in the fuel-efficiency department. Luckily, the brand has its NISMO arm that can produce a high-performance variant that’s more acceptable.

So does this mean the Z35 will replace the current 370Z? It’s possible, and Nissan may be reinventing the Z car all over again. A concept of the new Z is expected to be unveiled at next year’s Detroit Auto Show.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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