Top 10 Cars We Can’t Believe They Still Build

4. Kia Sedona


As crossovers continue to woo style-conscious parents with high-capacity needs, the minivan segment continues to see products drop. Volkswagen no longer sells the Routan, and Ford’s Windstar hasn’t seen a showroom floor in years.

Kia’s Sedona is one of the few remaining products. Sales numbers lag miserably behind the Grand Caravan. It might have something to do with the starting price, which at $25,900 is almost $6,000 more expensive than the Chrysler products it stands beside.

Kia dropped the Sedona for 2013, but promises that there will be a new version for 2014. Maybe it will be more competitive.


Soundboy says:

I thought the Tribeca has grown increasing more ugly as Subaru tries to go mainstream. Stay niche, Subaru.

Mark says:

Little known fact: the Tribeca was actually the result of a long night of drinking and a gentlemen’s bet between Kenji Kita and Dan Akerson. Good on Kita for holding up his end of the bargain. I bet if Dan lost, he would have found a way to back out of being forced to build the ugliest SUV the market had ever seen.

Richard Joash Tan says:

“Stay niche, Subaru.”

Charles Passmore says:

Your absolutely right, and can type allot better and faster than me.

Alfie says:

Piles of crap… all of them.

Mizoo says:


Charles Passmore says:

Really, what do you drive a KIA

JerkAlert says:

I bet he drives something like an old slammed Honda with aftermarket wheels and one of those horrible exhaust pipes.

MrDisco3 says:

Aw but I love the Land Cruiser :'(

jon says:

Land Cruiser = epic win… Until the gas station. HAHAHAHA

Vet1939 says:

I can’t believe they didn’t put the Chevrolet Suburban on that list.

Alfie says:

And all of it’s SUV relatives!

Jared says:

Tahoe sale really well here Louisianna. Matter of fact, Tahoes have replaced the crown vic for police forces due to their low starting cost, hauling capabilty, and they manage to get the same mpg. The hoes are here to stay…

balloo says:

I think it’s funny that hoes get hauled to jail in hoes when they get caught.

Charles Passmore says:

I agree, the Suburban has long been the king of the SUV market both in the USA and abroad. Automotive writers have there heads in a dark place if they don’t see what people really purchase. Want to haul your boat, horses, building supplies and still carry a bunch of people this is your ride. There are more Suburbans on the road than all the rest combined. It is a full size truck that rides like a car and is ‘safe’. Look at any cavalcade and the Suburban will be in there.

Charles Solar says:

It seems, to me, that the reason these vehicles are still available is because not everybody wants the econo junk that the companies are offering these days. I,personally, am not interested in a 4cyl vehicle that gets 35+ mileage and no room inside. I prefer bigger cars with either a V6 or V8 and having room to move around inside the interior.
I have a 2004 Ranger KingCab with 4 wheel drive. It has a 4.0L V6. It doesn’t get really great mileage, it does have a full frame. I feel more safe in this than I would in one of the
“cracker” boxes the car companies offer now days. So, in the long run, keep the bigger vehicles,so we have a choice between comfort,safety,etc compared to the cars offered today.

Simon J says:

You’re 100% right Charles. There’s still a solid market for BIG body-on frame SUVs.