2015 Mercedes C-Class Interior, Details Revealed


Mercedes is refreshing its C-Class sedan for the 2015 model year, and the brand has released photos revealing the car’s updated interior along with some information on exactly what kind of technology options the new C-Class will be packing. 

Design cues in the new C-Class are particularly close to those in the brand’s newest small car, the CLA. The most obvious borrowed element is the touchscreen attached to the top of the dashboard, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology in the car.

The 2015 C-Class has a head-up display that will project information to the driver in such a way that it appears to be floating over the hood, about six feet in front of the driver. Information on speed, speed limits, navigation instructions and messages from the “DISTRONIC PLUS” system are all sent to the head-up display.

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Mercedes’ new S-Class recently debuted the air balance package, making the car capable of GPS-based climate control along with active fragrancing and ionisation of the air. As features normally do in the auto industry, the air balance package is trickling down to the C-Class and will be available with the car.

Also coming to the C-Class from the S-Class is Mercedes’ ‘intelligent drive’ suite of driver aides, including autonomous braking, radar-based cruise control and lane-keep assist.

Improvements are being made to the car’s driving dynamics as well thanks to new chassis design and an updated suspension system. Mercedes claims that the new 2015 C-Class will be 221 pounds lighter than the car it is replacing, due largely in part to the car’s new aluminium hybrid bodyshell.

Underneath, a new 4-link front axle suspension system has been designed for the standard car, though upgraded models are now available with air suspension.

 GALLERY: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Interior


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