Mazda3 Hybrid, CNG Concept to Debut in Tokyo

Mazda3 Hybrid, CNG Concept to Debut in Tokyo

The Mazda3 hybrid will make its official public debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, and it won’t be the only Mazda3 variant being unveiled.

Along with the hybrid variant, which is only confirmed for the Japanese market, will be a SkyActiv-CNG concept. It will be the first time the Mazda3 will be shown running on compressed natural gas.

Mazda3 Hybrid Unveiled for Japanese Market

The Japanese automaker is pushing its new Mazda3 model to be “multi-solution,” that is, it is capable of using a diverse range of energy source. The SkyActiv-CNG is the latest addition to the lineup, albeit in concept form, and will have about 20 percent less emissions compared to the gasoline engines of the same displacement.

Rather than relying exclusively on CNG, the car uses a dual fuel system capable of running on both gasoline and natural gas. Mazda’s SkyActiv gasoline engines already run at a high compression ratio, which mnimized the required necessary modifications.

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