McLaren 12C GT Sprint Detailed

McLaren 12C GT Sprint Detailed

Take everything that makes the McLaren MP4-12C a luxurious supercar and throw it in a trash compactor. 

Then go through what’s left and hone it to be a pure-bred track car, and you might end up with something like the McLaren 12C GT Sprint that debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. While the company released details about its track-specific supercar, the price remained a mystery until today. McLaren GT just announced that the 12C GT Sprint will cost £195,000 in the U.K., which is about $316,000.

Designed in close collaboration with the team at McLaren Automotive, the car retains and improves on technology from the street-legal car including “brake steer,” and the active McLaren “Airbrake.” Its “proactive chassis control” system has also been re-calibrated for higher performance.

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The same 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 makes a familiar 616 hp through the same seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Oil cooling systems are optimized in the car for track performance, too.

An FIA-approved roll cage lines the cabin, which is missing most of the 12C’s normal amenities. Air conditioning remains. There’s a lightweight composite racing seat fitted with a six-point harness.

The car sits 40 mm (1.57 inches) lower than the normal car and wears a more aggressive front end designed to improve downforce.

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