Nissan Micra to Enter North American Market


The Nissan Micra is currently touring Canadian dealer meetings alongside the new Rogue and is expected to return to the North American market mid-2014, a dealer source revealed to AutoGuide.

Selling the Micra in North America makes sense given the growing number of similarly-sized vehicles on sale here. There’s the Chevrolet Spark, the Fiat 500, the smart Fortwo, the Ford Fiesta and Scion iQ and the new Mitsubishi Mirage is just ahead in the distance. Given the growing contingent of sub-compacts and mini cars offered in the U.S., would Nissan be crazy not to sell the Micra here?

Nissan spokesman Dan Bedore said the company hasn’t made an official announcement about plans to sell the car in North America and declined to comment further. The first generation Micra was discontinued in Canada in 1991.

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Currently, Nissan offers U.S. buyers the Versa sedan for $12,800 including delivery when outfitted with a five-speed manual gearbox. At that price, the Japanese automaker already undercuts every other product in the segment – often by thousands.

In its current form, the Micra uses a 1.2-liter supercharged three-cylinder gasoline engine. Last year, Eaton Superchargers president Ken Davis let slip that Nissan would launch one or more supercharged vehicles to North America, hinting that the Micra might be sold in the U.S.

But it might be a tough sell to U.S. buyers, who see value in size and are historically averse to hatchbacks. Nissan’s marketing campaigns for the Versa centered around relatively generous interior space for the car, which uses a four cylinder to the Micra’s three. The Micra would have to overcome those challenges in the U.S. Pricing it to attract buyers here could also be tricky given how inexpensive the Versa sedan already is.

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