Top 10 Cars That Should Come With a Stick But Don’t

10. Porsche 911 GT3


One of the most legendary vehicles ever built is Porsche’s 911. This rear-engined sports car has been titillating drivers for five consecutive decades, offering an experience that’s unlike anything else on the road.

Today’s neun-elf is available in more flavors than there are seasonings on a spice rack, and yes, you can even get some models with a manual gearbox. Naturally that’s great news, but it’s not enough to stop us from grousing about the race-ready GT3, which is auto-only.

This scorching version of the 911 is powered by a 3.8-liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. One U.S. gallon’s worth of displacement may sound like an unimpressive figure for a sports car but the powerplant’s output is anything but mediocre. It cranks out a walloping 475 horses and revs to the moon with a 9,000-rpm redline.

In lieu of a proper three-pedal setup is a high-tech seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, PDK in Porsche parlance. It routs power to the GT3’s rear wheels, helping the car sprint from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 3.3 seconds. Its top speed is 195 mph!

It would be slower with a stick shift. But we don’t care.