2015 Ford F-150 to Drop Fully Boxed Frame

2015 Ford F-150 to Drop Fully Boxed Frame

If you’ve ever watched a commercial for a Ford F-150, you’ve probably heard someone, be it Dennis Leary or Mike Rowe, mention its fully boxed frame. That marketing line will die with the next-generation of America’s best selling vehicle.

A frame design that’s touted to be more robust than other options, enabling the F-150 to tow up to 11,300 lbs., Ford will instead opt for a C-shaped frame structure AutoGuide has learned from a source familiar with the new truck’s development. Major sections will remain fully-boxed, though the C-shape design will be used for portions, similar to what its rivals do.

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Reasons for the change are likely due to reports that the next F-150 will shed up to 700 lbs. The majority of that weight will be cut through the use of aluminum, rather than steel, for the body. Early rumors suggested the F-150 could make use of a revolutionary aluminum frame, but our source commented that he’s seen the 2015 frame and that “it’s definitely not aluminum.”

Ford previewed its next-gen F-150 at the North American International Auto Show at the start of the year in the Atlas Concept, suggesting an evolutionary design update for the all-new truck, which will officially debut at next year’s show in Detroit.

GALLERY: Ford Atlas Concept