Suzuki Reveals 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Concepts


Suzuki has revealed five concepts that will be heading to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, four of which will be world premieres.

Though Suzuki is no more in America, the Japanese automaker continues to grow strong in Japan. The theme for this year’s Suzuki booth at the Tokyo Motor Show is “Let’s Create a Brand New Story,” and will feature concepts inspired by the slogan “Small Cars for a Big Future.”

The first of the five concepts is the Crosshiker (seen above) which is a compact crossover weighing in at just 1,785 lbs. It’s powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine and adopts its lightweight platform from the automaker’s G70 concept.

Next up is the X-Lander, a compact four-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 1.3-liter engine with a newly-developed automatically controlled manual transmission. The Suzuki X-Lander is based on the Jimmy and incorporates a compact lightweight hybrid system to make it eco-friendly in the city while offering the ability to “go out to play in the field,” as Suzuki puts it.

The iV-4 is the compact SUV model that will be making its Japanese premiere and is equipped with the automaker’s next-generation 4WD system ALLGRIP and will be launched in Europe in 2015.

Then there’s the Hustler, a crossover-type concept built to suit the active lifestyle of people who love nature and sports. With a stylish yet practical design, the Hustler features plenty of SUV touches combined with exterior styling that looks like it belongs in the outdoors.

Lastly, there’s the Hustler Coupe which is another variant of the Hustler concept to show off the versatility of the platform and the possibilities if Suzuki was to move forward with production.

GALLERY: Suzuki 2013 Tokyo Motor Show Concepts


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