Five Ways the Ford Fusion is Better Than the Aston Martin Rapide S

Face to Face

Introduced in 2013, the redesigned Ford Fusion has wowed customers and industry pundits alike with its sexy styling. The Camry, Accord and Malibu aren’t even in the same league as this supermodel sedan.

It’s easily one of the hottest-looking cars in the midsize segment thanks to its strong character lines, tapering roof and of course its aggressive, scowling grille that was clearly inspired by Aston Martin. Hey, if you’re going to copy another car company you may as well imitate one that’s expensive.

Rightfully so, many people have compared the new Fusion to vehicles from the prestigious British brand and the design similarities between this blue-collar four-door and the Rapide S are striking. The two cars’ front ends are unmistakably alike, with gaping trapezoidal grille openings and fine horizontal bars filling the empty space.

The six-figure-‘spensive Aston is an amazing performance car on its own, with a thundering 12-cylinder engine and a chassis that’s light, tight and ready to fight, but believe it or not the Ford Fusion is no slouch, either. In fact it trumps the Rapide S in a number of important areas. Don’t believe us? Click ahead to the next page.