Next-Generation Honda Ridgeline Teased

Next-Generation Honda Ridgeline Teased

Honda is dribbling out some information concerning the next-generation Ridgeline, announcing that the new truck will “come to market in less than two years.”

The current Ridgeline, which is built exclusively in Lincoln, Alabama, will conclude production in mid-2014 to make way for the new truck. The Ridgeline was introduced in the 2006 model year, and is still the only pickup truck to use a closed-box unibody platform.

A sketch of the next-generation Ridgeline was also released by the brand, and shows off the new truck’s new square style.

The Ridgeline has never sold in huge numbers, despite being lauded as the 2006 North American truck of the year. The best month ever for the Ridgeline saw 1853 units moved, though sales are up by 29 percent in 2013 year-to-date thanks in part to a new top of the line trim level.

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