Paul Walker’s Porsche May Have Suffered Mechanical Fault


This past weekend, movie star Paul Walker was tragically killed in an accident while riding in a friend’s Porsche Carrera GT. And while speed was evidently a factor in the accident, could the crash have been the result of a mechanical failure?

Representatives from Always Evolving (AE), a vehicle tuning shop co-owned by Walker and the driver of the car, Roger Rodas, are reporting that they saw evidence of a fluid burst and a subsequent fluid trail prior to the skid marks that were left at the scene. It’s raising questions that perhaps the Carrera GT had a possible steering fluid leak and driver Roger Rodas didn’t have full steering control of the car.

This isn’t the first time the Porsche Carrera GT has been in the spotlight for a fatal crash. In 2005, a Carrera GT crashed during a Ferrari Owner’s Club track day that killed two people when the exotic hit a wall at over 100 mph while trying to avoid a Ferrari on the track. The accident caused a lot of controversy and raised questions about the Carrera GT’s mechanical design and whether or not the car was prone to spinning out even in the hands of experienced drivers.

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The Carrera GT was not modified and was rarely driven. Regardless, this car has a long history of being a finicky exotic to drive, with even Top Gear going on the record on how difficult it is to control.

[Source: TMZ]