Porsche LMP1 Car gets Four-Cylinder Hybrid Power

Porsche LMP1 Car gets Four-Cylinder Hybrid Power

Porsche has concluded 2013 testing of its new LMP1 car that will debut next year, and the brand has confirmed that the race car will be powered by a four-cylinder motor.

The engine is a direct injection unit, and it is paired with two energy recuperation systems. The driver can choose when to use the stored electrical power, which is applied to the front axle through an electric motor, though there are rules that limit the amount of boost used per lap.

Porsche’s newest team driver, Mark Webber, conducted the tests for the brand, which mainly consisted of suspension and tire tests. Webber is still under contract with his previous race team, Red Bull, though they gave him a green light to begin testing with Porsche. “My first day in this fascinating project was an intense experience for me. I would like to thank Red Bull Racing for giving me the chance to join the project so early,” said Webber.

Porsche’s new LMP1 car will compete in WEC as well as at 24 Hours of Le Mans.