Saleen Confirms Electric Car Development

Steve Saleen confirmed this week that his company is developing an electric car and that a scale model will be unveiled early next year. 

Saleen hasn’t revealed any technical details about the car, but says that it won’t be like any product currently on the market. “Throw out your pre-conceived notions and expectations,” he said. “This vehicle will be revolutionary in its aesthetics and mechanics.”

The electric car market is still soft and so far, Tesla seems to be the only brand able to muster much demand for its products. With its high price tag, relatively long range and luxury status, the Model S steps over most of the barriers lower cost electric cars face.

Saleen told Automotive News that his company doesn’t need to worry about high volume sales, further suggesting that its upcoming product will follow a similar path to Tesla products; albeit with even less of an emphasis on sales growth.

With the Tesla Roadster out of production and would-be replacements struggling, there’s an opportunity for Saleen to leverage his brand’s performance credibility.

Word of an electric car from the company began surfacing earlier this year.

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