Top 10 Fastest Selling Vehicles of 2013

Sami Haj-Assaad
by Sami Haj-Assaad

Luxury cars, sports cars and even a few economy cars flew off the lots in 2013 according to year-end sales data. released its “Days to Turn” statistics which track car sales and how long each vehicle sits on the lot. These hot cars can provide headaches for buyers as the hot-selling cars are usually marked up to allow dealers to profit and take advantage of the popularity.

The average cars sits on a lot for approximately 59 days, but these top selling cars are far more active taking, at most, just 18 days to move.

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It’s surprising to see the cheap and cheerful Mitsubishi Mirage in such hot demand. Surely buyers are flocking to the Mirage due to its excellent fuel mileage of 44 mpg combined with the CVT, excellent 10-year warranty and its low MSRP of just $12,995. The average Mirage sold in just 18 days, for $15,430.

The Audi Q5 managed to sell in just 17 days, for an average price of about $45,834. The bubbly Q5 is quite versatile thanks to standard quattro all-wheel drive and three engine options, including a fuel efficient TDI diesel engine.

The compact crossover segment was popular all around, but none of the cute-utes were quite as hot as the Subaru Forester, which sold in just 17 days for an average price of $26,446. Like some of the other choices on this list, it seems like buyers really appreciate the standard all-wheel drive set up, in addition to the fantastic fuel-economy from the Foresters 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer engine.

BMW 435i Coupe Sport Line, Melbourne Rot, 306 PS, 400 Nm, Interieur: Leder Dakota Schwarz, Alu Langsschliff fein, Akzentleiste korallrot matt

It seems buyers are on-board with the new naming scheme from BMW, as the 4 Series grabs the number 7 spot on this list. The 4 Series, which is essentially a 3 Series with two less doors, sat on lots for just 14 days, selling on average for $50,746. Available with two engine options and with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the 4 Series is a fun to drive coupe with a premium touch.

The new CLA Class from Mercedes has been a huge hit, thanks to its gorgeous styling and low price of entry into the Mercedes owners club. Sitting on lots for just 14 days, but selling for an average $36,512, the CLA seems to be popular so far. Of course, its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which makes 208 horsepower, is a little dynamo, and the quick-shifting dual-clutch transmission helps the CLA feel sporty.

The Honda Accord has always been a popular vehicle, but the new hybrid model has been just what buyers have been looking for. Its hybrid powertrain helps deliver above average fuel economy, while its great looks help shed the nerdy hybrid stigma. Capable of getting 50 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway, the Accord Hybrid is one of the most fuel efficient mid-sized sedans out there. Sitting on lots for 11 days, the Accord Hybrid sold for about $33,358 on average.

Have buyers been waiting for a more engaging, lighter Range Rover? It looks like it, as the Range Rover Sport is one of the more popular vehicle this year despite its high price point. Of course, its hard to argue with a supercharged V6 or V8, both of which are paired with a wonderful eight-speed transmission. Sitting on the lot for just 10 days, the Range Rover Sport was purchased on average for about $81,934.

Another curious name on this list, the Jeep Cherokee is a unique looking compact crossover with serious off-road capability. Sitting on lots for just 10 days, the Jeep Cherokee’s interesting styling may be helping sell it, at an average price of $30,822. With an upscale interior and a nine-speed automatic transmission, the Cherokee is an interesting new direction for Jeep.

The hottest sports car of the year, it’s no surprise to find the Chevrolet Corvette on this list, but it is interesting to see it only at the number two spot. Sitting on the lot for an average of 10 days, the ‘Vette sold for an average $66,352. Not a bad price considering it features a 6.2-liter V8 engine which makes 450, allowing this American sports car to keep up with the likes of 911s.

Taking just 9 days to sell, the full-size Range Rover was the fastest selling vehicle this year. With an average price of $108,367, it may be hard to see why the Range Rover was such a hit, but buyers love its look, enhanced driving dynamics and premium interior. Available with a supercharged V6 or V8, the Range Rover doesn’t leave drivers wanting more. Buyers were so taken with the Range Rover, that they spent 3.08 percent above the MSRP on average.

Sami Haj-Assaad
Sami Haj-Assaad

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