2015 Honda Fit Gets the Mugen Treatment in Tokyo

The redesigned Honda Fit hasn’t made it to North America yet, but it’s already catching attention from tuners in Japan.

To demonstrate just how stylish and sporty the new 2015 Fit can be, Honda brought two customized variants to this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, one called the Mugen Fit RS and another called the Fit “Special Customize.” The Mugen Fit RS includes a more aggressive body kit and a carbon fiber rear wing.

A stylish set of Mugen wheels have been bolted on along with an exhaust system and upgraded brake pads. Inside are Mugen bucket seats.

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The Honda Fit Special Customize is rather tame in comparison, offering enthusiasts a less intense example of small car customization. Sporting a red and black theme, the Fit Special Customize’s interior gets a pair of Recaro seats while tinted tail lights flow with the black wheels. The side skirts also get a stylish add-on piece that have been finished in matte black.

GALLERY: Honda Mugen Fit RS


GALLERY: Honda Fit Special Customize


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