Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Concept Photos Leaked

The latest in a long list of info leaks before the upcoming 2014 Detroit Auto Show comes from Audi in the form of the Allroad Shooting Brake Concept.

Details are sparse on the concept, but we do know that it is 13.78 feet long, and rides on 19-inch wheels. The E-tron badges on the sides of the concept are also a pretty clear indication that this vehicle will have some sort of electrified powertrain.

A shot of the interior reveals many similarities to the next-gen Audi TT interior which the brand revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The concept forgoes physical gauges for a large display screen, which also acts as the main infotainment screen as there is not screen in the center console.

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This concept foreshadows what will see from the Audi Q1 in terms of style, and more directly what we will see when Audi launches Q4 and Q6 models which will be coupe versions of the brands SUVs. Those two models are still just rumor, but Audi has already made it clear that its SUV lineup is set to grow quite a bit.

Watch for more info live from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

 GALLERY: Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Concept